Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Little Girl is Growing Up

We have Naomi's last post-placement visit .  Seriously, I can hardly believe that we are approaching the 1-year mark, yet it's true.  On January 8th, 2009 we passed court in Ethiopia which made Naomi our daughter legally.  This means we need to have our final report completed and to Ethiopia by January 8, 2011.  Our home study agency also requires a medical report at this visit so yesterday we were off to see the pediatrician for a check-up.  Although we weren't able to see our regular doctor, the doc we did see was very pleased and impressed with Naomi's growth and development.   She is now 33" tall (89.40%) and 23 lbs 10.5 oz (44.22%) and completely on target developmentally.  You would also assume that after 5 children, I would not worry so much about development, yet I do - specifically speech.  I'm quite certain it is a result of having a child with autism and knowing that children who are adopted can have delays.  I was worried about Lili's speech development until she really started talking well and I'm doing the same thing with Naomi.  My fears were relieved yesterday when I was told she should have a vocabulary of 7-10 words and a lot of unintelligible words.  Of course prior to this information I was asked how many words she knows and I was only able to guess.  So, I began to write all the words she says.

No - she says this with authority
Ni-ni - night night
Me, me, me - something else said with authority because she is competing with big sister
Ho, ho, ho - haven't been able to get her to say Merry Christmas yet
E-i-e-i - Better known as Old McDonald (That counts as a word, right?)
nana - banana
Mimou - Mickey Mouse
Wow - said with a lot of drama

I'm pretty sure I'm missing a couple words, but she is talking frequently saying things we can and can't understand and the doctor got to witness this yesterday as Naomi started conversing with everyone in the room. 

Bottom line is, everyone is pleased with her growth and development.  Considering she weighed 8 lbs at about 2 months of age, I think her progress it's pretty remarkable.

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Reba said...

It sounds like she is right on track!