Friday, December 17, 2010

Seriously, It's Been 9 Months

On March 16, 2010 a baby girl was placed in our arms.  We got into a Toyota van with this baby girl and drove out the blue gates of the orphanage. 

Never again would she sleep in this crib

Never again would she have to lay in this same crib unattended while the nannies cared for other babies in the orphanage. 

This baby girl is now an 18 month old walking, running, talking, babbling, laughing, crying, inquisitive, determined toddler who sleeps in this crib, in this room (with more decor on the walls now).

She has grown from this little baby

To this little girl who loves her big sister

And has changed our lives in ways unimaginable.

We love you Naomi and the first 9 months have been amazing!!!


Family said...

She sure has grown up. It's amazing what a little time and love will do:)

Lisa T said...

I swear Naomi gets more beautiful everytime I see a new picture of her!

Reba said...

So sweet! She has grown so much. She is a beautiful girl!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, she has become even more beautiful. How has it been nine months already? In some ways this year seems to have lasted forever, but I truly feel in some ways that you were just gearing up for your trip to ET, not knowing whether everything would be ready in time.